I‘m an architect. In the course of my work, I repaired the torso of the original Liechtenstein castle above Landeskrone which burned down 3 times in the 18th century. In 2017 it caught fire again, and it was here I learned that firefighting is extremely important. I also learnt that it is not easy, but a difficult and dangerous hazzard.

First you are faced with the choice of whether to run away and leave everything to the fire, or try to save everything you have spent years building. I chose rescue, but like many others I never paid attention to the fire extinguishers, they were placed out of sight. I did find them however, and they worked. I still inhaled smoke, and the heat of the fire was oppressive. This experience was my epiphany. I‘ve paid attention to fire suppression in the buildings I‘ve designed ever since, but I realised that what I was looking for was a system that would be in plain sight. A system that I would not have to hide because it would not spoil the interior I was designing. But I couldn‘t find anything that matched what I needed anywhere. I contacted the experts and found that my experience was not unique. No one had thought about firefighting from an ergonomic point of view. There were other things too, people very often suffocate, not only in firefighting, but also in trying to escape from a burning building, but there was no combined smoke and fire protection. In collaboration with the experts I approached, I created a design that responded to my experience and their findings.

Now after 200 years of fire extinguishers designed in industrial cylinders, together we found a solution that meets all the previously neglected requirements and is attractive at the same time. It can adapt to any interior and remains always in sight, always within reach.

I have developed, patented and certified the best fire extinguishers in the world that have 22 improvements that will better protect their owners. I have built a manufacturing plant where we handcraft the most beautiful fire extinguishers in the world. I gave birth to the AMPLLA brand derived from the word “amplification.” We are expanding and amplifying the capabilities of fire extinguishers and for the first time they are truly unique, different, and beautiful.

Take this opportunity to make them not only an essential lifesaving accessory but a beautiful addition to the décor, an ornament, the centrepiece of your interiors. We hope you will never be forced to use them. But if that challenge comes, I believe that HUSSECHUCK, or better yet SHIELD, will save everything you hold dear.



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