Do people in stress and panic know that it is a fire extinguisher?

The Amplla fire extinguisher is equipped with a standard pictogram, which is an integral part of it and must not be separated from the device. Clearly, our fire extinguisher eliminates the construction of the complex niches and cabinets in which it is today normal device closed. Amplla will pay significant attention to education about the form and use of the new device. It is also the obligations of the owner or user of the property, or transportation to train regular users and to enable casual users to find out how to use the fire extinguisher and to prevent children from handling the fire extinguisher device.

Can the device be used repeatedly?

No it’s not possible with any other fire extinguisher.

Do you manufacture the device only for left-handed use?

The device is currently only intended for gripping with the left hand. It can be carried vertically when moving. However it is necessary for extinguishing to keep it horizontal (toroid vertical, handle horizontal). The Amplla fire extinguisher can also be used in the standard way, ie with both hands when the left holds the device and controls the valve, and the right pulls out the hose with the nozzle it is manipulating.

What about device revisions?

Inspection and service of the fire extinguisher is prescribed by legal regulations and standards and may only be performed by trained professionally qualified personnel. The service life of the fire extinguisher, ie the toroidal tank, valve, riser assembly tube, manometer, hose and nozzle is 20 years. The service life of the fire extinguisher is calculated permanently from the date of manufacture of the extinguisher stamped on the container of the device. The manufacturer prescribes a monthly pressure check to the user or owner, the longest interval we prescribe is an inspection every 366 days and an internal tank inspection must be carried out every 5 years at the latest together with the replacement of valve, fire extinguisher and propellant

Will you only produce powder fire extinguishers or other types?

Amplla Hussechuck and Shield fire extinguishers contain the extinguishing agent ammonium dihydrogen phosphate and nitrogen gas. The device is under a constant pressure of 15 bar at a temperature of 20° C. We don't offer any other options at this time, but we are developing them. We chose the most universal type of extinguishing agent to extinguish small and incipient fires.


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